Acer Aspire 4810T windows error recovery page

DCarville Posts 1 Registration date Monday March 13, 2017 Status Member Last seen March 14, 2017 - Updated by Ambucias on 14/03/17 at 04:36 PM
When turning on the laptop it opens in the windows error recovery page with the option to launch start up repair or start windows normally. I have tried the recovery option but this then states 'loading files' then goes to blank screen, then after a couple of minutes the mouse arrow appears and i can kove it around but there is no other activity, just the blank screen.
When I start windows normally, the windows emblem/flag comes into view, says starting windows but quick flasbof a blue screen then a quick F2 promt then back to the error recovery page.
Inhave tried tapping F8 and got the advanced boot options. Nothing happens when i select 'repair your computer' except windows is loading files, then back to the blank screen with mouse arrow.
I have tried the safe boot option which gives a list of system 32 drivers then back to recovery screen.
Tried ladt known good config., goes to starting windows banner, fladh of blue screen then back to revovery page.
Pulling my hair out , would appreciate suggestions,