Will ITunes 10.6 work with the older generation ipods?

Ruth L.M. - Mar 14, 2017 at 01:38 PM

I have several different older Ipods, including the 8GB Nano Shuffle, the Classic 30 GB and the 32GB Itouch. I don't know what version of Itunes I have but it's pretty old and still works with them.

I just purchased another (older)32GB Itouch from Amazon and when I tried to sync it, Itunes told me that I need to update to 10.6 or newer. I am afraid of losing my music and also being unable to sync my other ipods.

I even have my Itunes on an old computer. I have another newer computer but do not want to undo what is on the old computer. Is it possible to get newest Itunes on the newer computer and copy a list from my old computer to new one? It's about 3700 songs.

Sincerely, Old School Ruth