Copy sheet, change sheet name, change cell number, etc [Closed]

I am completely new to macros, so please forgive me upfront. Through online tutorials I was able to add a macro button and copy the sheet.
However, I am looking for a code to do a few more tasks I have been doing manually for the last few years on a spreadsheet. Each sheet is a separate year (i.e. 2015, 2016, etc).

Currently, manually, I take my latest year sheet and copy it. I rename the sheet for the next year. Then I change the year listed in cell A6 to reflect the new year. Then I preform a Find and Replace to search within my formulas to find the year of two years ago, and replace it with the last year.

So the goal of the macro is:
Copy sheet (i.e. 2018)
Rename new sheet to the next year (2018 (2) to 2019)
Change cell A6 to value of new sheet name (2018 to 2019)
Find & Replace past year (Find 2017 and replace with 2018)

Any help would be appreciated.

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