VBA Paste based on Date Criteria

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I would be very grateful for some assistance with this spreadsheet I am attempting to create. I've Googled what I am trying to do several times and couldn't quite get the answer I'm looking for. I have data that I load and sort each day. I tally up the data (units) by department and I want to be able to just copy the units that I have tallied up by department and paste it into another section of my spreadsheet that represents the date that I have set for the data.

I am looking for a macro that will allow me to copy units in cells (C5:C17) and paste (as values) in one of the columns from cells (G5:AK17) if one of the cells above in G4:AK4=C4

G4:AK4=calendar days
C4= today()

Thank you very much in advance for taking the time to assist me with this spreadsheet of mine.