Autopopulate from master sheet?

Liakami - Updated on Mar 28, 2017 at 04:09 AM

I've been making, essentially, copies of my and my husbands pay stubs. Currently I'm just copy pasting an "empty pay stub form" and manually adding it to the appropriate sheet. Manually inputting all the data, as well as updating them all with new data, like adding a 401k, and insurance section and such.

What I'd like to do, is have a master sheet, where I can add in the new sections and then all of the sheets automatically add it in, same with the constant data like pay, insurance rates and so on. (I realize it's not necessary to change previous stubs info where it's just going to be blank anyway, but I'm ocd when it come to things like this and would like them to match regardless)

If this is possible, what's the best way to set it up?

I don't know anything about macros, and the current set up I've got, is both time consuming and is annoying to make additions too.

Edit: photo added

If it would help, I can provide an actual copy of what I would like to use as a master sheet.