Laptop shuts down after some minutes [Closed]

Hi all!

Well my laptop started shutting down a year ago after some hours of use or when I played games it restarted even quicker. I thought it could be overheating so I cleaned the fan and put some thermal paste even thou this laptop it's still quite hot it reaches 55 - 60 degrees idle and can get to 80 - 90 when playing games.
But recently it shuts down 5 minutes after starting Windows 7 or so...
Also a month ago it started having problems with wi-fi some days it keeps reconecting constantly and it's impossible to watch any online videos or surfing the web.
My laptop it's an 8 years old HP dv6 i7 CPU1600 with no battery I have the A/C constantly plugged for power.
I guess the problem it's related to the power supply but I'm not sure what do you think guys??


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