External HDD Recognized (DevMan) but Not Detected (MyComp)

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My external USB HDD did't show up in 'My Computer' but it recognized in Device Manager. I also did check 'Computer Management' and DISKPART in Command Prompt, but still not detected.

It was 2 week since the last time i using it. Back then i encountered some problem with this ext HDD, but i can fix it. I used the same method like what i did back then, but nothing happened. i also tried to uninstall and then reinstall it driver, but still same (recognized but not detected).

Besides, seems like this HDD made some issue to my computer. I mean every time i plug it in before my Optical Mouse, i couldn't use my OMouse to move the cursor, while my touchpad did. It also take a long time to boot whenever i restart my notebook while ext HDD plugged.

- LED notification always on
- HDD doesn't make any (disturbing) noise, unless when i put it close to my ear. It ticking about 2 counts per second, is it normal?
- It recognized since there is (safely removable) notification in my taskbar, even it doesn't like it used to.
- My notebook keep recognized it as 'Seagate Expansion SCSI Disk Space' (in Device Manager), even after I uninstalled its driver.
- Optical Mouse and any other hardware which use USB port cannot work unless it plugged before HDD.
- Take much longer time to boot when HDD plugged.

I've used this HDD for almost 2 years to put my project and personal data. I hope someone in this forum can help me to solve it since it really important. I apologize for my bad English and attitude, and also if it too long. Thank you!

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