PC takes many tries to boot. [Closed]

Randy19 1 Posts Tuesday April 18, 2017Registration date April 18, 2017 Last seen - Apr 18, 2017 at 12:54 PM

so i have a rather wierd problem, and i really hope someone can help me.

The problem is as follows: When i turn on my pc, it's about 3 years old now, it doesn't boot anymore. It doesn't even do it's usual beep to state the POST is done, nor does it any other noise that could indicate a error. It simply doesn't boot, the screen stays dark, my lit keyboard and mouse also stay dark, but the pc itself powers, the fans start turning, the GPU lights up.

However, when i shut it back off and on several times, sometimes 2 times, sometimes 10 times or anything in between, at some point it beeps, boots up, and once it reaches that point it works just fine. No crashes, no bluescreens, no wierd behavior, works as intended. Untill i shut it off at which point it repeats the cycle.

Also it seems that if i just want it to reboot(for updates etc) it takes a lot more times to actually boot, often taking 20 or even 30 times of restarting to actually boot up. But again, then it runs just fine.

I took out the RAM once to see what happened, but it didn't change anything. Still didn't beep. I bought a new power supply because i read on here that that is often a cause but that also didn't change anything.

Now the only thing i could still think about is the motherboard. But before i replace that i'd like to hear some other opinions. Any ideas if it could be anything else beside the motherboard? Anyone got a idea? What really bothers me the most is that it seems to work just fine once it starts up.

Thank you in advance for any help!

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