File system corruption

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Friday April 28, 2017
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April 28, 2017
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I've purchased a 256 GB Samsung MicroSD card for the purpose of putting my music library on it. The library is about 220 GB at this point. Because of the card's capacity, it has been formatted in exFAT. I have transferred the entire library to the card after doing a quick format, and full format. The source of the files is a 256 GB Sandisk USB3.0 flash drive.

Each time, all the data appears to copy correctly, I am able to view the directory structure and all the files in it. Once the MicroSD is ejected (properly), and put into another device, the file system becomes corrupted and only the first (approximately) 8 GB of data are still intact. The properties of the card indicate all of the data is there as the used space reflects the proper amount. The rest of the folders are there, but they are empty. The files are not hidden.

I have tried running a chkdsk /f and it returns messages that the system is corrupted. I've done this now 4 separate times. The computers used to do the copy are Windows 7 and 10.

I've searched for an answer and can't seem to find anyone who has the same issue. Thanks in advance.