How to remove a virus from SD-card on Mac?

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I have a problem with an SD-card that has 6GB of videos on it. I can view the videos when the SD-card is in the camcorder that recorded them, but when I plug it into a computer (any computer, I've tried several), I can't see any of the files.

I am pretty sure the card is infected with a virus, because the problem originated after the card was plugged into a public computer in an internet cafe while I was traveling.

This is what I've done to solve the problem so far:
- I've tried running different anti-virus/malware software on it, didn't work
- I've tried making hidden files visible again, didn't work either
- I've tried downloading recovery software, which allows me to view the files, but I'd rather not pay X amount of money to recover my files if there's a better solution
- I've tried moving the files from the SD-card to the internal memory of the camcorder, but it doesn't allow me to do that either because it says it can't find the target files..
- I've tried auto-uploading them with Dropbox, which worked for pictures on another infected SD-card, but not for the videos on this one..

I have found solutions for this online but they're all for Windows, and I am on Mac.. Does anyone have a solution for this that works on Mac?

I am really hopeless here , this problem has been bothering me for 3 years now. I'd rather not format the SD-card because I don't want to lose my videos from a 14-month around the world trip.. Please help. Thanks so much.