Hard drive not detected

satish - Apr 29, 2017 at 11:30 AM

I went for trip and laptop was in Car itself. once I used in hotel along with pendrive, suddenly got message like, reboot the system.I thought it might be because of pendrive. so removed the pendrive to shutdown. When I returned from trip, used laptop at home, it was working fine till evening 6pm, suddenly it restarted. I got message to insert bootable device, it was giving two options to press F2 and F12, upon checking you and tried to change the setting, so I pressed F2. Changed the setting to SATA then pressed F10 to save. thats it again restarted and now I am getting only one screen which says press F@ and F12, while pressing the screen goes no where and beep sound is audible upon pressing any button.

Kindly help, I have all my data in laptop.... Is my laptop damaged?? will I be able to use it as before??