My Roommate Cheats and he's been doing it for 18 of 21 seasons..

SnoopyRULEZ - Apr 30, 2017 at 09:17 AM
My Roommate and I have been playing Madden 17 since it came out before last NFL season. We have played 21 full seasons and will play again in the SuperBowl later this afternoon. I just found out that he has been pumping up his XP percentages for training points - he's been getting 300% of normal points earned and I wondered why he is always bringing a team full of 99 rated players to the big game. I dont want to call him out, hes hard of hearing and hes super sensitive, so I believe a good old taste of his own medicine is what he needs. Any suggestions on how I can punch in up, up, down, down left right left right, etc and make today MY day?? Thanks for reading!!


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