Acer aspire 7720 screen frozen seeing lots of colours

Alexis - Updated on May 1, 2017 at 04:48 AM
Hello dear friend I have one suggestion
I have the same issues like you all have but mines is
In deep trouble I have tried everything I did the same magically trick nothing works I plugging away my connection cable out the laptop and put away the battery outside try doing the same thing
But no lucky at all dint working for me it was
Usually fine 2days ago I play a game and listening song then my screen got frozen and seeing lots of different types of color like example pink yellow white brown orange slightly green black it split out in both wide everything seems working fine it running like usual but again no screen all black no logo popup or anything and I am panicking could someone pleas help me out if you have any experience and ability off that and you Definitely have technical power in you if you have pleas reply me I wanted this laptop back to life and I am deeply panicking :( hope any good news