Pc Booting Problem

Tobias Vornholt - May 5, 2017 at 10:10 AM

A year ago i had a big Problem with my current PC. One day i started it in my freetime, nothing wrong happened before this boot, but besides the PCs conditioners running, nothing happened. Mouse, keyboard and screen had no signal. After switching my current hardware around and using some old spare hard drives, i came to the conclusion that it was my Motherboards fault. Now silly me never bought a new one, as i had a spare pc that was sufficient.

And now this happened: A year later i decided to turn the PC on one last time again, after being frustrated that a new game didnt run on my worse spare one, and it actually worked. The Bios seemingly resetted itself automatically and now allowed me to enter windows again. This suprised me, as i was sure this was a hardware, not a software problem. After that the pc ran fine for a month or so. And now the same error occurs again. If the PC starts no external hardware gets any signal. i Tried to plug it off and on again, i tried to hold the power button if turned off and then turn it on again, and ofcourse i know that switching my hardware around will not help.

Now my question is as this gets rly confusing to me: Is this a solvable software Problem, or is it the motherboard probably having a loose cable or smth amongst those lines?