1 beep-PC shut down itself few times

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Tuesday May 9, 2017
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May 9, 2017
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Hello, I had a problem once with PSU which had to replace. Got a replacement and worked fine apart from beeping once when turning on.

About shutting down. PC shut down in period of approx a week twice and it was when was on Second Life, when I turned it once after an hour of use and other time yesterday 2h of use. Meanwhile had it on few times for with 5h clocked and such without problems. Also played Forza Horizon 3 which I'd expect to be heavy on system and no problem with that.

All I can describes shut downs as is turning off and not turning back on unless PSU unplugged from PC for 30s

I know in fact that SL and AMD ain't the best friends as my RX480 creates some artifacting on screen whilst on it and that's well known thing for a while between AMD GPUs and SL.

Running FX8350, RX480 with EVGA 600w regular 80+, 16GB (2x8) ssd, HDD and Asus m5a78l mobo. No overclocks