Particular website is not opening

arojitkuet Posts 1 Registration date Wednesday May 10, 2017 Status Member Last seen May 10, 2017 - May 10, 2017 at 11:23 PM
I am facing a very weird problem right now. One particular website ( is not opening in my browser. I have tried all the possible solution described on other post of this forum but still no good. Most weird thing is when i am trying to open the above website with my cellphone it's opening without any problem.
    • My cell phone network and my pc network are same as i am using cellphone internet over wifi-hotspot in my pc.
    • When i am trying to open the website with a broadband connection provided by local ISP then it's opening

Now question is
      • If there is any problem associate with my cellphone internet connection then why it's opening in cellphone browser?
      • If there is any problem with my pc then why the website is opening while it's connected to broadband network?

Please help me out, it's really frustrating.