Can log in, desktop wallpaper only, no icons, desktop/taskbar un

DavidWoo 1 Posts Sunday May 14, 2017Registration date May 14, 2017 Last seen - May 14, 2017 at 06:25 PM

I am running an hp desktop. I am able to log in, and my desktop wallpaper comes up, though I can no longer see any icons on the desktop. Just getting to this point takes a long time. When I right click on the desktop, it acts like Windows Explorer just crashed: the desktop goes black for a few moments, then comes back to the wallpaper and task bar.

The taskbar is unresponsive. When I click anywhere on the taskbar, it gives me the blue "waiting" circle, but then the screen goes black again and returns to wallpaper only.

If I leave it alone, it seems to go simply through a cycle of "Windows Explorer crashing" (going black for a few moments), and then having the wallpaper come back up.

None of the videos I have seen about boot up problems with Windows 10 ever talk about getting to the point of being able to login. Any help you have would be appreciated.

EDIT: I can hit control-alt-delete and bring up the Security Options screen, and task manager tells me that my CPU vacillates between 1 to 5%, memory is at approximately 30%, 100% disk (with application values that don't look like they total up to that), and 0% Network. Continued issues with Explorer desktop resetting, but I don't know what to make of the vacillating values in the task manager.
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