Conditional Formatting based on 2 other cells.


I have a couple of things I need help with.

First off:

I would like to format a cell anywhere in Column D if:

1. There is any cell of the same text in Column C
2. There is a "Y" in Column I in the same row as the text in Column C

My other query is rather similar:

I have texts (same words appearing multiple times) in Row F and numbers in Row G and a table of values containing each of the texts once.

Recipe 1 Bacon 500
Eggs 5
Onion 15
Carrot 6

Recipe 2 Carrot 1
Bread 3
Lettuce 100
Bacon 400

Recipe 3 Onion 30
Beef 100
Bread 6
Lettuce 150

TABLE: Bacon 400
Carrot 3
Onion 15
Bread 4
Lettuce 110
Beef 0

In this case, I want the Cells in the recipe to light up if they are less than the corresponding values on the table.

I feel however that a solution to the first issue should help me obtain a solution to the second issue.

Tried a few other solutions and either don't get any changes or the changes are incorrect and can't seem to work out what I'm doing.

Appreciate any help or hints,