Not getting signal on my monitors through GPU suddenly. Help!

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Hi guys,
I have a slight problem, here's how it happened.
I was playing a game on my PC as I normally do and suddenly all of my monitors stopped getting signal. This wasn't the first time this happened so I didn't panic and just reset my pc. However, the signal never came back.

I immediately suspected it's the graphics card so I opened up the tower and I can tell you this -
When plugged in the PCI-E slot, all of the fans are spinning and everything looks like as if it's functioning but still no image.
I tried a different slot and still the same result.
I plugged in one of my monitors (Running a triple screen setup) into the motherboard directly, having removed the GPU and it is functioning properly with the integrated gpu. In fact, I am writing this from the same computer using the integral card.

I currently don't have an older GPU to test this out with so it would be nice to know for sure if it's the GPU that's the problem so I could go get another one.
It's a few years old so it's no big deal but it didn't seem to be failing and it was really treating me well throughout it's lifetime until today.

I really need an answer quick cause I need a strong GPU as I'm a motion graphics artist and really need this gear for work, can't do it with the integral GPU.

Thanks so much!