Automatically Copying Row When Sheet Is Opened

contigo - May 20, 2017 at 10:33 AM

I'm trying to figure out how to copy an entire row from one sheet, to another sheet automatically. But, I only want the rows to copy when one of the cells in that row is empty.
Basically, the 1st sheet is a record of item orders. It has various columns to input different attributes of the order, one being a "received date". When that "received date" cell is empty (we haven't gotten our order yet), I want the entire row to be copied to a second sheet, that will only show orders that we haven't received yet.

I was hoping to figure out how to do this automatically, and have it so when the received date cell is eventually filled in on the 1st sheet, the entire row is removed from the 2nd sheet.

(I know you could just filter the column for blanks, but I was really hoping for a separate sheet that would update automatically)

Any help is appreciated,