Number Keypad Sporadically Not Working

Kat - Jun 5, 2017 at 11:40 AM
Hi There!

About three users so far have been complaining on the number keypad not working on their keyboards - from time to time. It's NOT a Num Lock issue, as in - Oh, I just forgot I pressed Num Lock! But it's more like: it doesn't work at all, toggle on or off. When the system is rebooted it works. But then stops working again... I replaced 3 keyboards for the same user, and the problem did not go away. Thus, I doubt it's the keyboard hardware issue. Also, it's not tied to A application - it happens in the browser, as well as in Outlook, Excel, etc...
I did all the recommendations under Ease of Access - none of them were applicable, b/c what they were suggesting was already in place.
Any ideas?