My screen boots to black and nothing happens? Please help

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Thursday June 8, 2017
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June 8, 2017
- Jun 8, 2017 at 10:23 AM
When I launch my pc, it loads. There's a single beep. The windows 10 logo appears. The dots appear. Then it just goes to black and stay like that.

This started when I was playing Overwatch a few days ago, and my pc just crashed out of nowhere, the first time this happened. It restarted itself, but went to the recovery screen. The "something is stopping windows from launching correctly". Now I don't even see that. It's just black, unless I tap f8 went it launches, then it goes to the recovery screen.

I have tried:
- unplugging everything and reconnecting
-The windows diagnose thing in recovery (didn't find anything)
-System restore (there was an error)
-When it still when to the recovery screen, I managed to login in safe mode and used malwarebytes scan.
-Continuing to windows

There haven't been any software updates, or anything like that recently

I'm using windows 10, and have been, for ages now.

Please help, what do I do?