Win 10 Strange On/Off

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Saturday February 11, 2017
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June 22, 2017
I'm running Win 10 on a Dell Inspiron small desktop.

Sometimes, when I shut the program down, it indicates that it is shutting down. Then, the monitor turns off, but the "on" light stays on. It will remain like that overnight. When I try to restart it or wake it up by pressing "enter" or by clicking the mouse, it does not respond. When I push the on/off switch to shut it off it will turn off. When I turn it back on, I get a screen saying that there was a problem... yada yada...

Sometimes, when I shut it down, the computer seems to turn off. In the morning, the CPU is lit up. Sometimes the screen is lit up as well. I have sat and watched it to see just how long after I turn it off that it turns itself back on. Apparently, it turns itself back on by itself several hours after I turn it off. I've never seen it turn itself on. I usually go to bed.

Anyone know what's going on?