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November 20, 2017

Hi guys need help with some formulas I am currently trying to combine.

the Rules is
1. If there is a "Form submitted" in the day I have to copy whatever value the from the Form Submitted's "Passenger" to the cells of Ignition on on Column H.
If multiple Form Submitted with different values, only change the ignition on on top of the form submitted. For example the row 33 ignition on will be copied from row 34 form submitted while row's 36 and 38 will be copied from row 39 form submitted.

2. If there is no Form submitted on the date/day just insert Vlookup formula on the column H of all ignition on

3. ignore ignition off

I am trying to figure out how to add all these formulas below. if its even possible.

=IF(AND(D34="Ignition On",D35="Form Submitted"),AS35,VLOOKUP(AR34,Sheet6!A1:B55,2,FALSE))<---how to add IFERROR with =vlookup(B34,Sheet2!A1:C100,3,false)

=IF(D34="Form Submitted"),AS34,VLOOKUP(AR34,Sheet6!A1:B55,2,FALSE))<-- how to add IFERROR with =vlookup(B34,Sheet2!A1:C100,3,false)

=IF(D34="Ignition off","","")

how do I add all these formulas as one or is it even possible?

Any reply would be appreciated.

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