Can't get sound from laptop using HDMI to monitor

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Thursday June 29, 2017
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June 29, 2017
I am really frustrated. I have been using the same monitor (Samsung) and laptop (dell x15) for over a year and had no issues ( I use them together as extended monitors). Today the sound stopped when I tried to watch any videos. I have updated all drivers thinking that was the issue but it did not resolve anything.

If I disconnect the monitor the laptop sound works fine. If I hook the monitor to the laptop with a VGA cable it will work but the graphics are not nearly as good on the monitor, but when I use a HDMI cable the sound is muted.

When I check the playback option I am not able to chose a high definition option which seems to be fix for so many others. I only have the lap top speakers, headphones and external speaker choices. The laptop speakers show that they are working when the HDMI cable is attached (the line goes up and down) but no sound comes out. If I disconnect the monitor sound comes out fine from the lap top. Desperate for help....