Data transfer from corrupt HDD speed too slow

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Sunday July 2, 2017
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July 2, 2017
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I have Dell Lab top Inspire series 3521 buy 30 months ago
now 7 days back it shows hard disk ( WD-WXP1C42V6698 -1TB ) error code 2000-0151 with no partition spacing one TB
and suggest to replace it
I do the same
But I made old as external Hard disk to transfer data out of it to new
it detected by the system but data transfer speed too slow for transferring
for 200 mb data it took 4 hrs and I had 450 GB of data on it
includes my
1) Income tax sale tax cases
2) All firms Accounts
3) Family Pic and Videos
4) Some of Recorded from YOUTUBE hard to search now those links
It will take years to transfer data for corrupt disk to Live disk

So Suggest me easy and fast way to get my data transfer