How does pc address ram cells

bipuri Posts 1 Registration date Thursday July 6, 2017 Status Member Last seen July 6, 2017 - Updated on Jul 6, 2017 at 06:00 PM
Hello everyone,
I want to know for example if my PC make 64 bits address to access memory cells, which bits of this address is for declaring row, which bits for declaring column, bank and rank in my PCs memory.
If there is somewhere that i can look for fetching memory address that has been sent to my PC RAM.
For example i have 4gb ram, that means i need 32 bits to address a data for reading or writing, so i'm looking for fetching this address so i can find out its configuration, like:
0x2C093f4a : it accesses channel 1, DIMM 0 , Rank 0, Bank 2, row 26, column 11.
0x5C0954cb : it accesses channel 1, DIMM 0 , Rank 0, Bank 5, row 17, column 20.
Please help me