Medion Erazer x7833, new batterypack turns off when unplugged [Closed]


I got a new batterypack for my Erazer x7833 with Windows 10. Its the same type of battery, and it charages without a problem and it doesn't heat up and the reviews where mostly positiv and that it worked for a lot of people.

And it does work, but whnever I unplug my PC and start some resource intensive software (Like Maya, Photoshop or some videogames) my PC shuts of almsot immidiatly, the software doesn't even have time to open properly most of the time. The bettery is almost ful or completly charged everytime I try that, all the settings are the same as before, but I also turned of standby mode completly.

It never happened with the old batterypack, even now when I use it instead of the new one, it doesn't turn off like that. It only lasts an hour or so in idle, instead of the 3-4 hours it lasted before, that's why I decided to replace it.

Didi something like that ever happen to any of you?

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