Unable to install Windows on HDD from bootable USB

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Monday July 10, 2017
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July 10, 2017
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I recently got a Acer P645-S laptop(used but was working). It has a 500 GB HDD (with 8GB SSD). After turning it on it just goes into repair mode. But then none of the repair options work. I tried all, system reset etc etc.But it says no system to reset from (or similar). I tried re-installing Windows from USB, but when i get to part where i have to choose partition to install windows on, it gives error message and setup doesn't go further. I have no idea how to proceed further from here. Is this a software or Hardware error ? Was Hard disk somehow damaged in transport? How can i check this, as i can access command prompt. Or is this a settings on HDD problem (as it was a business notebook, maybe there is a security lock or something)? I can go inton BIOS but cant seem to change or remove any setting for Secure BIOS (In security tab in BIOS).

Also if i replace Hard drive, which one should i get and will it solve the problem. Thanks.