Forgot password, secret question, alternate e-mail, new device

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Tuesday July 11, 2017
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July 11, 2017
I can't log in to my yahoo mail because 1) forgot my password. Said password is defaulted in my account so when I access my mails, I am auto logged in so I need not encode my password and because of this I eventually forgot it. 2) I tried recovering thru the security question but my answers are not recognized. 3) I also do not remember my alternate e-mail anymore. Lastly, I am signing in from a new laptop because the laptop device I have always used for logging in is no longer usable (failed hard disk). This actually compounds my difficulty in trying to recover my forgotten password. I am told to use my old device.

All I know is my yahoo user ID. Is there still hope in recovering my yahoo mails w/ these problems?