Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard no longer detected [Closed]

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Saturday July 15, 2017
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July 15, 2017

I built a custom PC a year or so ago and it's been working great. When searching through my PC Info, I noticed instead of the 8GB (which is what I purchased and installed for the build) it was saying I only had 4GB.

After doing some Google Searches, I seen some saying one of the sticks may not have been put all the way in.

Tonight, I opened up the case, and because my CPU fan is so large, I could only touch the ends of my RAM. It was just enough, because I did notice that one of them was not seated all the way. I then pushed it down gently until it clicked and secured it.

Once I closed the case and plugged everything back in, I received no signal for my monitor and no power to my Keyboard or Mouse.

I also have a Blue Snowball microphone and when I power on my computer, it powers on as well.

PLEASE HELP. I've been searching all over and none of the solutions I've come across have helped.

Holding button down, taking out battery, etc.