What function of Excel does this?

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I know there must be a function in Excel that does this but I don't know what. If you know, please share or if I need a piece of code then maybe I am in trouble???

I am working with a database (Skyward) that deals with student scheduling in schools. I am getting repeated lines for each class a student is enrolled in when I download it to an Excel spreadsheet and need to consolidate them into 1 line per student. I prefer to do this by copying to a second sheet in the workbook so I have the master to go back to if needed.

The way the spreadsheet is set up, if the values in columns A & B (last name & first name) are the same from row to row (same student with a line for each class they are enrolled in), then I need the information in columns H-R to be repeated starting in column S for as many courses as the student is enrolled in. This number will vary for every student.

Can you tell me what function in Excel will find the repeated information in columns A & B (must be 2 due to possible siblings) and if they are the same, cut and paste in a new location?