Using VBA macro logic in Excel

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One static Excel workbook with a ton of raw data that has a static number of columns (A-EK) that is always the same but the lines (1-X) is not static and always changing with the total raw data lines being most thousand.

One column (called system) in this case it’s column B on the raw data workbook holds all the different systems that raw data is pulled from & needing sorted by.

The overall goal is to create a workbook for each individual system (currently 9) & have each system sorted by what system the raw data belongs to; so for simplify sake lets call them system 1-9. So I need to pull all raw data from “system 1 in column B” to the workbook I labeled “System 1” plus the 21 columns I noted above raw data information but keeping in mind that system 1 might have 100 lines one time but 150 lines the next.

I will not be using all the columns (A-EK) & only needing a few (B, DR, E, H, Q, S, T, AL, AM, AN, AO, AR, AZ, BT, CP, DG, DH, DI, DJ, DY, & EK in this order) of them pulled over with always changing data lines. I also need to create a few custom columns for 6 of the 9 systems and put within the order above in a certain place like between columns B & DR would have 3 new columns for 6 systems but between DR & E there will be 4 new columns for all 9 of the systems. I am using the columns letters from the raw tab & with the new workbooks created I would have B information in the A column, create 3 new columns for 6 of the system workbook then DR column would become E in those 6 workbook but in the systems not needing those 3 the DR would just be in the B column.

Can someone please help get me started/finish? Trying to figure out best way to handle this headache. Currently just recording MACROS but not sure I am doing it right