Screen turns black with no signal

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Hello everyone,

I've recently built my first PC and I'm running into some problems that I can't figure out, so I thought maybe someone here was willing to help me out.

So here's the thing: My monitor sometimes suddenly turns black showing "no signal" when I'm playing games. All my fans are still running and so is my GPU, all the lights are still working as well and I'm still hearing game sounds but I don't think I can influence the games anymore. I've tried using Caps Lock but the light on my keyboard doesn't turn on, I've read on this some site that its a sign my mobo isn't working properly but I'm still not sure. I also tried plugging the DVI cable directly into the motherboard but it remained black.
By the way, this happened three times today of which two times within 5 minutes of each other.

When this happens I usually shut down my PC by holding down the power button and just restart it. Most of the times it works fine after that, but sometimes my fans and GPU won't turn on no matter how many times I try, the light on my mobo will turn on and so will the one on the front of my case (I've added some pictures). If this happens it won't turn on correctly until I wiggle some of the cables. That's why at first I thought it could've just been a loose connector or something but its been happening more frequently recently so I got concerned. This has been happening randomly too, like when I came back from school without having even touched my PC that day.

As you can see, no gpu or fan running just some LEDs.

My specs:
Intel Pentium G4560
MSI Radeon RX470 GAMING X 8G
Crucial DDR4 8GBx2 2400
Western Digital Blue WD10EZEX 1TB
Corsair Builder CX430 Bronze