Creating an auto updating sheet based on copy paste information

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Greetings and salutations.

I've been trying to figure out how to create a score card sheet for our field technicians based on some automatically generated information. I've tried pivot tables but I cannot seem to get the table to be set the way I would like it.

I wonder if there is a better/more advanced way of using the copied data to generate score cards for each of my individual field technicians. The information is split into the following columns:

Assignment| Ticket Title | Schedule | Location | City | State | Tech Name | Task # | Ontime (y/n)

I would like to take the data from this table and extract it to another sheet in the file. Sorting it by Tech and displaying all the tickets that were done by each tech. Additionally I need to have space in the score card to add the following : Ontime | Vetted | Score with an average Score for all tickets completed by the technician.

An example of what I want the output to look like :

Anthony Gormley Ontime Vetted Score
T20170719.0177 Y N 5
These would be notes on service
T20170719.0189 Y Y 5
These would be notes on service

Micheal Holland Ontime Vetted Score
T20170714.0238 N Y 3

Ethan Serlin Ontime Vetted Score
T20170713.0164 N N 1

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.