Laptop screen to external monitor while laptop screen is broke

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Friday July 28, 2017
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July 28, 2017
my latitude d620's screen is broke and black. i can connect it to an external monitor but it shows the colors on it like it would with a crushed screen. also like when you press on a part of a thin flatscreen tv, where you see the lines move, exept here the laptops so messed up it looks like a 1 year old smeared paint all over it with a brush. i have twice solved this, by changing it so then it doesnt take the same perspective as the laptop screen, but instead what it would look like if the screen is brand new. like a chromebook, instead of copying the screen on the monitor it would instead be from what the computer imaged at the start.

I think there is a shortcut for screenshots. if there is let me know so i can get screenshots of the situation