My Toshiba satellite l50

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My son was watching you tube on my laptop as he does everyday and so like normal I shut the laptop down when he went to bed when we went to get it out for him again the next day so he could watch his telly on the laptop again instead of taking over the main tv except when we turnt the laptop on it has a 2 password set up which I have no idea how it happened not how to get rid off and it allows me to enter the first password and it shows the Toshiba logo with a spinning widget to say it's loading but then the screen just all of a sudden goes black and all u can see is the mouse arrow and I can hear the fan aswel as the lights are fine plz plz plz can someone help my 12 month old son has taken over the main tv and we now have to sit and watch baby t.v. I have old McDonald's farm tune spinning in my head non stop many many thanks