Auto populate cells to one sheet from sub-sheets in Excel

jjtufu - Aug 4, 2017 at 03:44 PM

I am currently working with a spreadsheet that already has 7 worksheets total with a table on each. 6 of them have identical Table Columns but the main one has a few extra columns. One column labeled "Form #" is somewhat the same across all sheets besides the fact that they are categorized by department so only one sheet includes all the form #'s and the other 6 sheets have only the form #'s that pertain to their labeled department.

What I would like to do is whenever I update a cell on any of the "sub sheets" that are separated by department, it will update on the main sheet as well so it is the same across all sheets and the master sheet has every sub sheets information included in a table. The Table Columns names that I would like all to be updated simultaneously are Form Status, PDF, Signature, Spell Check, Notes, and Time to Completion with Form # being the primary column.

Any advice or help with what the code would be and the process of getting this working would be greatly appreciated.