Automate transfer data from masterfile to another sheet

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Saturday August 5, 2017
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August 7, 2017
Dear All,

Hope you guys are doing well.

I am not an expect in excel, I really hope you guys can provide me some sort helps/advise/how to automate this process.

Okay, basiccaly I need to send an order to our supplier whenever I received order from my supervisor - at least twice a month.

I have this master file contains of data such as - model no., description, finish tye, price, carton sizes, etc etc and it has about 100-200 lines model on it per supplier(different supplier different masterfile)

Once i received an order from my supervisor, I need to create a new order says 58 items this round from this supplierABC, normally i need to go to this supplier ABC masterfil and do a search of the model no. and copy and paste the entire row in the new order table.

You can imaging most of the time I will receive like 50 order in a days and I need to send out to different supplier the next days.

All this manual works is driving crazy and took up a lot of my times.

Please refer to the attached sample ABC master file.

sheet 1 is where the database/masterfile list and
sheet 2 is where I created the order and need to send to the supplier.

I really appreciate if anyone out there able to helps me on this, not sure whether macro, some formulars, VBA scripts or advanced copy able to simplify this process. Once I input the model no. the rest of the data will auto populate in the new order sheet2 table instead.