Spellling error in Excel

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Thursday August 10, 2017
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August 10, 2017
Hi Friends
1st, i want to say sorry for my broken english
2nd Did any one noticed what is resulf if you have only 00.50 Cent and your Spell num convert as "No Dollar and Fifty Cent"

it's sound diffrent and we never say like this (When ever you use this Spell num) and if your amount is less then 01 Dollar /Rupee it's said "No Dollar and / No Rupee and "

Can Any one help us to Change this
If the amount is less then 1 Dollar/Rupee then it's should be showing only "cent / paisa'
no need to mention "No Rupee/No dollar"

and if your amount is "1.00 dollar/Rupee" what speel num said= one dollar /Rupee and No Cent/Paisa " it's awkward
it's should be say only "one Dollar / Rupee"

so kinldy help us to fix it.