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  • Sharing software Closed

    Hello, I have final cut pro on my computer - I got a copy from school. I graduated and can not get another copy. At times I edit at a mates house -...

    HeavenzFire | Latest reply: bm3754 Jan 10, 2009
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  • software for mac os x that create folders Closed

    Hello, Is there any software for mac os x that create folders using text file context thanks,because i have to create several folders and i do not wa...

    juanvasquez | Latest reply: aztek Jan 6, 2009
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  • can not Install windows,i get a stop meaage Closed

    Hello, how can i do it i get a stop massage every time,how can ib fiormate c beore isatlling windows,is ther a specail key.

    clef | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 6, 2009
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  • cant find macbook Closed

    Hello, I just bought a new macbook. My sister down loaded windows xp professional, I can not get to macbook programs. I tried rebooting it and it stil...

    beginner | Latest reply: xpcman Jan 5, 2009
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  • COD 4 Won't work Closed

    Hello, Just been given COD 4 for xmas and when I try to play it a warning comes up saying something about "not being able to support the architectu...

    daveybox | Latest reply: daveybox Jan 5, 2009
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  • Can't Install CS3 on iBook Closed

    Hello, I'm trying to install CS3 onto an iBook G4, and it's not working. When I insert the install disk it shows up on the desktop. I can navigate th...

    mac_girl | Latest reply: piccolo Jan 4, 2009
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  • regarding macos Closed

    Hello, can i get Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger for a free how can i download this...could you able to help me.. Regards RAghavendra

    raghu | Latest reply: elizebeth900 Jan 4, 2009
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  • Power book G4 - restarting issues Closed

    Hello, I decided to watch a movie on my laptop last night and once it was done, I pressed eject. I only got the spinning wheel of death so I decided ...

    Christine | Latest reply: Cuba Dec 31, 2008
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  • downgrade Closed

    Hello, can enywone please tell me how to downgrade from 5.1 to 1.5 without pandora stick? For sure thanks

    james195 | Latest reply: james195 Dec 31, 2008
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  • softwares run in windows good as mac in mcbok Closed

    Hello, i have a question and it might sound stupid and i apologize but im a total newbie in mac os. im thinking of buying macbook and install windows...

    oldivowonders | Latest reply: misstikal Dec 29, 2008
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  • iPhone problems Closed

    Hi! I recently got an 8GB iPhone. I was running on a 1.0.2 version that I updated lately to 1.1.1 and everything goes fine until the 1.1.2 version ...

    john88 | Latest reply: modou Dec 24, 2008
    11 replies
  • mac book with windows OS Solved/Closed

    Hi guys, I'm seriously thinking about buying a Mac book but i wanted to know if it's possible to reformat this thing and install windows? I don't thin...

    ziggy7 | Latest reply: bb71775 Dec 24, 2008
    4 replies
  • Windows for mac problem Closed

    Hi, Now as one may know mac is not easy to get use to after living with a windows all my life. So when i got my macbook (A black one, just before they...

    notamacpro | Latest reply: nees21 Dec 18, 2008
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  • got ani suggestions Closed

    Hello, i have a iBook G4 but i have nothing to do on it and the games are too expensive are there any websites to get free games for a ibookg4 if you...

    bud | Latest reply: essodiesel Dec 17, 2008
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  • Video Screen Turned to Black & White Closed

    Hello, Desperately need help. Have a really old (5+ years system) Mac G4 OSX 10 ver 10.3.9 The video display goes to black & white when the system ...

    Gary D | Latest reply: bosshossgal Dec 13, 2008
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  • Need Knight in Shining Armor Closed

    Hello, Made Powerpoint presentation with pics, animated gifs, Quicktime movie clip, and 2 songs. Used transitions, etc. I have tried to burn to D...

    Jude | Latest reply: chefbill Dec 11, 2008
    1 reply
  • external hdd Closed

    Hello, sir i just bought seagate external hdd of 500 gb where as my c drive is only 80 gb now for my apple i pod which is 160 gb i need to put m...

    soni | Latest reply: chefbill Dec 11, 2008
    1 reply
  • DVD player for mac Closed

    Hello, I bought a Sony DVD Recorder that records DVDs from tape, cameras, etc. It works great but the DVDs will not play on my Mac Computer; only on ...

    mery | Latest reply: chefbill Dec 11, 2008
    2 replies
  • 2T lacie Closed

    Hello, Since last year I was using 2T lacie external drive just for storing video fils using a Powerbook pro,the whole process took place in Sril...

    snl | Latest reply: TheParoxysm Dec 9, 2008
    3 replies
  • New Mac Computer? Closed

    Hello, I wrote another message - but don't see that it "took" here so hopefully this won't be redundant. I've been a PC user since the 70s - and rea...

    Frant | Latest reply: MacUser Dec 1, 2008
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  • how to use window program's on my mac 9.0 Closed

    Hello, I have a macos9.0 computer. Until now i've only had working experiance with windows xp. So it's a new experiance for me to work with the ...

    victor | Latest reply: stasher Nov 28, 2008
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  • dd Closed


    dd | Latest reply: potatopc Nov 18, 2008
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  • prob installing firefox3 Closed

    Hello,downloaded firefox3. now can't figure out how to install. stuck. help. i have a Mac os x 10.3.9. eternally gratefull for help w this! ! !

    calaca | Latest reply: rubrami281 Nov 13, 2008
    1 reply
  • ibook won't start Closed

    Hello, I have an ibook that won't boot. I get the sound when you press the power button but nothing happens. Reading the manual, it tells me to p...

    ibook frustr... | Latest reply: ibook frustrated Nov 13, 2008
    4 replies
  • restart? Closed

    Hello, My iBook G4 has been acting strange lately like shutting off at random times for no real reason. Now the last time it shut down, when I go to ...

    lonelyHearts | Latest reply: ehbox Nov 12, 2008
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  • G4 disc drive whirring but not loading Closed

    Hello, I'm trying to load office for Mac on my G4 running OS10.4.11 (which should work) but when I insert the disk it makes a whirring sound, seem...

    shan | Latest reply: wifipen Nov 12, 2008
    1 reply
  • cant connect to internet Closed

    Hello, my airport connection is strong but i cannot access the internet. this is a new problem. i live in an apartment and pick up the signal from t...

    casey | Latest reply: xpcman Oct 27, 2008
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  • OS 9.1 and os 10.1 dual boot Closed

    Hello, I have a client that has a G4 with a 60 gig hard drive and os 9.1. She wants to keep the current version of her movie program, but needs to u...

    Crystal | Latest reply: snarley25 Oct 20, 2008
    3 replies
  • Query on Excel macro - Asking a value in macr Closed

    Hello, I would like to know how to write a macro that should ask in during the run, a particular value and than consider that value in its run downs...

    sunil | Latest reply: jmets111 Oct 15, 2008
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  • Major requirement!!! Closed

    Hello, hey guys ....can u tell me which r the basic things need for installin Mac OS....i hav installed vista, xp, does Mac need any sp...

    Sandeep | Latest reply: harnold31 Oct 11, 2008
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  • Download Closed

    Hello, How do you download attachments from e-mail if its in word?

    Gary | Latest reply: xpcman Oct 8, 2008
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  • Blank screen Closed

    Hello, My boys were playing clips on utube and they said all the sudden something popped up on the screen a now we just get a blank screen where the ...

    Chris | Latest reply: tassemania Oct 4, 2008
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  • I can't get my new hard drive to format!! #@$ Closed

    Hello, i recently got a new drive (Hitachi 160 gig 5400RPM) form my powerbook G4 cos the old one is dead, i opened the powerbook and fixed the new o...

    Milehighjoe | Latest reply: analogic Oct 4, 2008
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  • Need website downloads Closed

    Hi Guys .. I Just got a ipod Classic But I Dont wanna Use Itunes to by Songs & Videos ... ! My Friend Has told me to use a Website called Linewire But...

    Laura | Latest reply: Laura Oct 1, 2008
    2 replies
  • Buying a mac Closed

    Hello, I want to buy a mac and give my laptop to my brother Can someone advice me what is the best of the actual market.

    Office23 | Latest reply: ziggy7 Sep 18, 2008
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  • restart button Closed

    Hello, does anybody know what the special restart button for the ibook g4 is??? it says to either hold down the power button or to press the restar...

    kyra | Latest reply: crazy_phoebe Sep 17, 2008
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  • install imac Closed

    Hello, hi ..... i have MSI matherbord p35 combo and core 2 quad 2,66 12mb & Pci e msi 6800 1gb & sata h.d.d 500 gb & 2 gb ram so ,,, i ...

    hussein | Latest reply: hussein Sep 5, 2008
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  • ibook help Closed

    Hello, i have a ibook and i'm a new apple user. I can't install anything and can barely delete anything. what is all the virtual disk stuff?

    merr | Latest reply: Sep 4, 2008
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  • Warning! Dead pixels on iPhone! Closed

    Hello, Check this out: I have the same problem with mine, I also hear that you have 14 days to take ...

    jj | Latest reply: omni323 Aug 31, 2008
    1 reply
  • Mac g4 on startup just tries to load Closed

    Hello, I just did the pvram reset now I get grey screen trying to load strartup screen - rotating sunburst. Any ideas?

    Bret | Latest reply: winsolutions Aug 31, 2008
    1 reply
  • safari Closed

    guys my safari won't let me get onto my facebook, my e-mail, or basically any other thing with a password ever time i get on to facebook it loads an...

    JAYBEE | Latest reply: dsh Aug 23, 2008
    1 reply
  • Is firefox compatible w/ macbook Closed

    Hello, i'd like to know if i can use firefox in macbook. i heard that there's this version of firefox that is not compatible w/ macbook, hence may cor...

    djstar | Latest reply: ziggy7 Aug 13, 2008
    6 replies
  • WHY IMAC Closed

    Hello, CAN U TELL ME PLEASE why to use imac??

    karine555 | Latest reply: terryfox6 Jul 31, 2008
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  • installation error Closed

    Hello, i cant istall os x 10.4.3 on my mac it says error i recently bought it from apple and they wont help my mac is compatible but it says ha...

    ravisunny2 | Latest reply: Nafisia Jul 16, 2008
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  • hello dear Solved/Closed

    I am music lover (Moorcheeba and Travis, oldies and blues), fast food lover (In and Out takes) if you're lucky enough i will be your girl, love those ...

    larni02 | Latest reply: crazy_devil Jul 14, 2008
    2 replies
  • iPhone help! Solved/Closed

    Hello, I just got the iPhone. I'm really excited by it but I already had little pb... Sometimes the screen just freeze. How can I force-close a non-...

    nerds | Latest reply: mrslash Jul 9, 2008
    3 replies
  • Resizing photo Closed

    Hi all I am looking for a way to resize a photo without losing the image quality I have try to stretch the photo on Microsoft paint but not...

    777bons | Latest reply: great_0 Jul 6, 2008
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  • Java learning and help Closed


    charikaar09 | Latest reply: charikaar09 Jul 5, 2008
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  • Difficulty Starting Up Closed

    Hello, My PowerBook G4 1.25 is becoming increasingly difficult to start. Merely hitting the power button is not working. I have to hold down the bu...

    sheltie | Latest reply: yogui7 Jun 22, 2008
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  • boot Closed

    Hello, does the mac support well win xp using boot kamp

    mrslash | Latest reply: mrslash Apr 29, 2008
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