Avakin Life free coins: 2022

Avakin Life free coins: 2022

There is no need to rely on luck to earn coins (Avacoins) in Avakin Life, there are many tricks that can help you get them for free. You can earn free Avacoins quickly in this game, without using donations. This article will show you how to get free coins on Avakin Life.

Open the Mystery Box

The Mystery Box is full of secret, random and rare items. It is free if you watch a video, or can be purchased for 50 Avacoins. This box is offered on many adverts, depending on your geographic location. You can also purchase boxes with jewelry.

Earn Daily Rewards

Daily rewards are special bonuses for gamers who enter the game daily for the 28 days following the first login. You can recover what you earn on your game wall by accessing the Rewards icon although they may also automatically appear on the screen.

Compete in Fashion Contests

Enter the Fashion Contests to win Star Power. It's very easy, just sign up and create beautiful or exotic looks with the potential to win. The more contests you win, the higher your Star Power level. Avakin Life promotes contests on the game's Instagram page.

Watch Videos With Offers

The Fyber offer wall is a partner of the advertising company within the game. This is a service that distributes rewards in coins if the user watches advertising videos. You just need to keep Avakin Life up to date and open the Free tab in the top right menu to find the current offers on the wall.

Sign In To Other Platforms

Avakin Life offers the opportunity to sign in to other platforms - Facebook, Google Play, email - to access the game. By doing this, it is possible to obtain up to 800 Avacoins.

Construction Machine

If you find in the catalog an item with the blue box icon (construction box), click on it and wait for a while until the price is zero, allowing you to purchase it without paying anything. Use the acceleration plugs which are obtained by watching videos, to reduce waiting time. These boxes contain animations, clothes, accessories, pets, among other items.


Making money at Avakin Life can be easy and a lot of fun. Work as a barista or nightclub employee / security. To do this, it is quite simple. In the top menu, click on the Travel > Jobs tab to see the options. Work fast because the profit from what you sell, in Avacoins, is all yours!

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