Google's Interest in Myanmar

DawnReissing - March 22, 2013 - 04:23 PM

Google's CEO George Schmidt travels to Myanmar to acquire about wireless expansion opportunities.

Schmidt recently visited the country, Myanmar, where they are currently wanting to improve their mobile and internet networks by offering two telecommunication certificates, maybe worth billions, to foreign companies who are willing to take up the task. Google holds extreme interest in doing business with Myanmar. Ernie Bower, employee for Strategic and International Studies, comments about Schmidt's interest in the country stating, "It's very important to understand that this is a relatively large country that is right in the middle of-it's the bull's-eye of-Asian growth for the next, probably, century, and you just don't have telecommunications systems, don't have infrastructure, don't have IT systems, so it's going to be a very big market over the next couple decades."

Google is prepared to offer a full technology package as well as internet. Andrew Bartels, an analyst at a global research firm, says Schmidt is the perfect man to deal with other business executives. "Schmidt has that statesman-like perspective, the ability to go and talk to heads of state or talk with business leaders, and because of his age, his experience, he has a degree of credibility that the younger executives may not have off the bat." In other Google news, the market giant unfortunately has to put an end to it's Google Reader service due to declining users over the years.

Photo Credit: Carlos Luna via Flickr
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