Archaic Apple Computer Sold for $650,000

Nearly four decades after the computer was first built, one of Steve Jobs' and Steve Wozniak's very first computers sells for over $650,000 at an auction.

While Apple is in trouble in the legal department, the company just also made the news in a less daunting (and more quirky) fashion. One of the very first Apple computers (now referred to as Apple 1) has just sold at an auction for over half a million dollars. Only 47 models in the world, the computer is an extremely rare relic from the early days of Jobs' and Wozniak's garage workshop days. A Computer History Museum curator Dag Spicer stated that the model sold for so much because of its incredible historical value. "It is Apple's creation story... It is the physical artifact that traces this incredible success to its origins."

The Apple 1 looks even more archaic when compared to current-generation Apple computers, demonstrating just how far the company and technology has come in 40 years. The model had been built in Steve Jobs' family garage, and was funded by the money Jobs and Wozniak got from selling their respective car and calculator. The machine runs on 4 kilobytes of RAM, compared to most current-generation computers which run on at least 6 million. The computer, which was brought to the auction house wrapped in a blanket, is apparently worth over half a million dollars in mystique, which may prompt some of the other 46 Apple 1 owners to consider selling their versions.

Photo credit: Louki3004