Time Warner Cable Launches TWC TV App for Xbox 360

Time Warner Cable customers have been less than satisfied with the company as of late, but TWC has some good news for its subscribers.

Time Warner Cable has released an app for Xbox Live called TWC TV. US-based Xbox Live Gold members can now download TWC TV on their Xbox 360. This app will allow Time Warner customers access to up to 300 live cable channels. The app gives users access to up to 300 channels because the availability is based on the individual's subscription with Time Warner Cable. AMC, Bravo, CNN, and Comedy Central are just some of the possible channels users will find on the TWC TV app. If your friends are also Time Warner customers and Xbox users, you can peek in on what they are watching. The app uses Kinect voice and gesture controls and has an interactive programming guide where users can sort through content by title, channel, or genre. Not surprisingly, the app will not feature CBS channels until the feud over retransmission fees is over.

Unfortunately, this app only allows users to watch live TV. The TWC TV app does not work as a DVR nor does it feature Time Warner's video-on-demand service. Microsoft said it is working with Time Warner to bring the VOD feature to the app for its customers.

Photo credit: screengrab