Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors Continue

Samsung and Apple are constantly trying to out do each other and the rumors circulating the Galaxy S5, point to just that.

Apple's Touch ID on its new flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5S, has caused quite the stir in the tech world. This feature allows users to use their fingerprint as a passcode for their device. Users can unlock their phones and even authorize purchases with the tap of a finger. Touch ID can recognize several different users' prints, though they must be registered before they can be used and can differentiate between the prints of different users. If Touch ID cannot read your print for some reason, it will prompt you to enter your Apple ID to verify your identity. The HTC One Max also came with a fingerprint scanner installed, though its scanner works differently than the iPhone's.

Not one to be outdone, Samsung's latest Galaxy smartphone, rumored to be in the works, has been said to feature not a fingerprint scanner but an eye scanning sensor. If the Galaxy S5 does feature such a scanner, it will allow users to unlock their device and perhaps more, by simply looking into the scanner. This may be the rumored security feature Samsung has been working on to compete with Apple's Touch ID, but the tech giant may surprise everyone with more than one security option. Rumors have been circulating about Samsung's newest flagship phone since Apple released the new iPhones. The Samsung Galaxy S5 may be launched soon and is expected to hit shelves in February, if rumors are to be believed.

Photo credit: D. Sharon Pruitt via Flickr