Skype Considers Typing Suppression Feature

At a press event in Stockholm, Sweden today, Skype said that it is considering adding a typing suppression feature so the sound of your fingers hitting the keys will no longer interfere with the audio on your Skype calls.

As great as this sounds, the Microsoft-owned company is not yet ready to launch the feature. Microsoft does have one tool that already uses this feature, its enterprise-focused Lync tool. Davis Hands, program manager of Skype's audio and video processing team, used Lync to show what Skype planned to implement. Hands only used a demo of Lync's implementation, but even though it was only a demo, the feature worked quite well. The suppression of the sound of the keystrokes was automatic. This feature does not need to be turned on; it simply turns itself on and starts working on its own. This feature was implemented on Lync due to its business focus; the feature is very useful for conference calls.

Hands said that Microsoft sees the value in adding typing suppression to Skype as well. Despite this, he could not give a specific timeframe of when this feature may be added to Skype. Hands said that Microsoft sees typing suppression as much more useful on the enterprise side, though the interest on the consumer side of things makes this a very real possibility in the near future. Skype itself is being used more and more by businesses, so even if Microsoft's focus is on enterprise clients, the company should look into improving features on Skype. Google has added its own version of typing suppression for its Google+ Hangouts, though Google simply mutes your microphone when you begin typing instead of cancelling out the typing noise.

Photo credit: Vince Welter via Flickr