Google Chrome Adds Search Button to Omnibox

Google has added a search button to its omnibox on Chrome Canary; its more advanced though highly unstable version of Chrome.

Chrome Canary is a test build for Google, allowing the company to test features that may not make it to the beta build or even the developer's build. If a feature were to cause Canary to crash, or "die" like a canary in a coal mine, this feature would not be moved on to the developer build. The search button is one of these experimental features. The search button is still under consideration whether it will move on from Canary to another build but since search has always been Google's niche, it would not be surprising if the company pushes this feature on. Many users are still confused by the omnibox itself and the company is trying to clarify what it can be used for. By adding the search button, Google hopes that users will come to understand and embrace that the omnibox can be used for searching.

The omnibox can be used for searching on the Chrome stable channel, just without the little blue search button that is featured on Canary. The search button may emerge onto the stable channel for those who would rather click something than just hit enter to search. In new tab pages on Chrome, if you were to type something into the search box that appears, the text you type will automatically appear in the omnibox. The goal of all of these changes is to bring as much of the Google search site to Chrome as possible. The little blue search button may not make its way into Chrome but it may soon make an appearance on its beta and dev channels.

Photo credit: screengrab