Mobile App "Nude Scanner" Television Ad Banned

The Advertising Standards Authority has banned a TV ad for mobile app "Nude Scanner 3D" after multiple complaints claiming it is demeaning to women.

The ASA received 26 complaints about the ad which aired during six episodes of Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks. The complaints pointed out that not only was the ad demeaning to women, the main audience of the show, but that it aired at a time when children were likely to see the ad. The "Nude Scanner 3D" ad showed a phone with the app on it "scanning" a woman's body revealing her naked butt and blurred out breasts and crotch. The voiceover on the ad said the app was intended to "prank your friends to think you can see what any of them look like without clothes on."

In banning the ad, the ASA said, "Because the ad focused on the product's apparent ability to enable the user to view naked images of women using the camera on their phone, and had a prolonged focus on the female model, we considered it was unsuitable for a child audience and was likely to be viewed as demeaning to women and, therefore, offensive." The ASA went on to say, "Whilst younger children may not understand the references to a 'nude scanner', that was unlikely to be the case for older children and we considered them to be the group most likely to have been interested in downloading the app." The app's maker, Jesta which also trades as Jamster, said that it pulled the ad when it received complaints.

Photo credit: screengrab