Motorola Moto X Launches in India

Motorola has launched its Moto X smartphone in India on e-commerce website Flipkart starting at Rs 23,999.

Like its Moto G smartphone, Motorola's Moto X will be exclusively available on Flipkart in India. The smartphone is available in two variants: a plastic back panel model and a wood finish back panel model. The plastic back model comes in black, white, turquoise, blue, and red and its prices at Rs 23,999. The wood finish models are available in walnut and teak and are priced at Rs 25,999. Currently, only the black and white variants are available on Flipkart but users can pre-order any of the other devices. Pre-orders are expected to be delivered in the second week of April. Motorola has not rolled out the Moto Maker online tool, which allows users to customize their smartphone, for India at this time. Flipkart is providing launch day offers for the smartphone including Rs 1,000 cashback for those who but the device on EMIs, 70 percent off on cases, and 100 percent cashback to select buyers.

The Moto X smartphone comes with several unique features. The smartphone has an always-on voice assistant that listens to commands, even if the user is not operating the device. The Moto X comes equipped with Quick Capture which allows users to shake their wrist twice to open the camera app. The phone's camera features ClearPixel technology which provides better low light pictured by letting in 75 percent more light. The Moto X also features Active Display and comes preloaded with the Migrate app.

Photo credit: screengrab